Rugby World Cup Tokyo

Out this week. Four different covers for the same issue, one for each region. A big dilemma for the Radio Times - it was the same week as Strictly Come Dancing starts! Which to go for?

Stellar Plate Snowflake v1

I’m experimenting with showing 3d models on the web. Most embedded players use lots of individual images - slow and limiting, but this is uses a real 3d model and can be seen from any angle at any scale.

Translucency is brilliant. Take a look at it from the back. Click on the stack of papers icon & you can play with the textures yourself.

Radio Times Christmas Quiz 2018

By popular demand…

This years Big Picture Quiz, created with Jacob Howard from an original idea by Paul Smith.

Christmas quiz 2018

3d printed snowflake 2018

3d printed snowflake 2018

I was delighted when Don Komarechka, the Canadian photographer asked me to model another snowflake this year, building on what we learnt last year and taking it further. Don’s having them printed in silver (contact him if you’d like one) - and I’ve produced a few in plastic, available now:

Radio 2 in Meltdown


Radio 2 are having a few problems illustrated by this commission for the Radio Times. Modelled entirely from scratch, but closely based on the iconic Roberts Radio. I really enjoyed creating the badge & working out how to create the grille in full 3d with maximum detail but with minimum polygons.


This has to be the weirdest use of one of my images ever…

On the right is an image I created for Logitech a couple of years ago.

One the left is an image my son found on Reddit. Aaaaarrrrggggghhhh!

Tattoo key

One that got away Part 2

Another one that got away - this time from the Olympics in 2016. This is a rough visual, one of a few ideas that were put forward for a magazine cover : we went with another idea eventually.

flag of Brazil

Radio Times World Cup Cover

Out today. A previous version was finished & ready to go to the printers when the publisher saw it in horror & deemed that a Russian flag on the cover, given the current tensions, was financial suicide. This was the alternative, quickly put together over the weekend. With no mention of Russia...

You should have seen the ones that got away...

You should have seen the ones that got away...

Balls. World Cup 2018, Russia

For each big football event sports companies create special balls.  I enjoy the challenge of modelling these new footballs & wrapping the flags and the bumps around them, this year using Modo.

Though as I listen to the radio I can't help thinking that given the political situation this event in Russia is not going to happen...

Modo ball behind the scenes
World Cup 2018


Created completely from scratch in Modo: my transition from Lightwave is more or less complete. I love Modo's modeller & render engine.


Merry Christmas

We're going skiing. Hope you have fun too!


Radio Times Christmas Quiz 2017

One of my favourite projects of the year. There are clues to 50 TV & Radio shows of 2017 here. How many can you spot?

Art director Jacob Howard from an original idea by Paul Smith.

Radio Times Christmas Quiz 2017

3D Printed Snowflake

I've been working on this for months: it was a huge learning process, understanding snowflakes, battling with 3D printing, battling with new 3D programs. The most complex 3D model I've ever made. A collaboration with the Canadian photographer Don Komarechka. Now you can have one for Christmas if you're quick, in a choice of materials from inexpensive plastic to solid platinum if you like!

Fireworks 8 sheet poster

One of my more unusual commissions:  I've never made fireworks out of tomato ketchup before.  For Jenny Green, an up & coming Art DIrector at the Chapter Agency to celebrate bonfire night.

Tomato sauce, mustard, mayonaise

Bauble Grotesque : Christmas Typography

Christmas comes early around here - my first Christmas commission arrived in June. So in preparation I finally finished my font: Bauble Grotesque. 


Wonder Woman

A lot of filming happens around here. Bloomsbury Square & the building opposite the studio, Victoria House, has film crews around most weekends. 'Mr Selfridge' is filmed there: the building was designed by the same architect as Selfridges & they look very similar.  I keep having to move my car.

This production last year was much bigger than usual: hundreds of extras in First World War uniforms, lots of period vehicles, horse poo everywhere. The filming lasted for days. The production was called 'Nightingale' which was confusing as Florence was no longer around by WW1.

We've just found out that 'Nightingale' was the code name for 'Wonder Woman'. I guess we'll have to go & see it now...