Sad news today. MacUser is to cease publication. The final issue made no mention of the fact, except for an image of the first issue without any caption or comment.

I was an associate editor of MacUser (both the UK & the US editions) for many years & photographed, illustrated (& even wrote) for many many issues. The UK offices were 5 minutes walk from the studio & I really enjoyed those trips to New York. I made many friends.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Macintosh evolve from its earliest days, exciting & revolutionary times.  I even met Steve Jobs a couple of times. He was horrid!

I originally created this cover for another magazine: MacUser upcycled it a year later. That Macintosh 128k was my own, one of the very first to arrive in the UK, long before it was released here. I used it to create the images for Apple's advertising campaign that launched the Mac in the UK. I've still got it. Model number M 00001. It even works.

A few years later we had a cat & I realised how inaccurate that image is.

Macuser first issue cover